Adapting to a New World - Our Online Studio Presence

Human being has amazing ability to adapt to change as other living beings. One example is how yoga teachers quickly offer to teach livestream classes for free when the COVID-19 became global pandemic and offline teaching was impossible. Studios follow-suits.

Unfortunately, for human beings, the mind often becomes a key limiting factor to adapt especially when it stays in the past or an idea of certain future. Some studios, like ourselves, at the beginning of the lockdown has an idea that this could be temporary, like 3-4 months, hence the plan was to get ready to operate offline following procedures like elsewhere globally. As things unfold, we came to terms to a reality, perhaps this virus stays for a long haul, and to stay true to our values as a responsible business owner, we rethink of why we exist in the first place and reshape our offer.

What we see today is staying true to our mission to offer Yoga & complementing forms of physical and mindfulness practice to Busy urban people to stay fit, healthy in the mind and the heart directly through quality and well programmed weekly public class, private class and corporate event and yoga teacher training.

Our partnerships with faculty teams who are mostly graduates from our registered yoga school with Yoga Alliance, LearnYoga@GG become more important now and ever. Each teacher's class in Gudang Gudang Yoga Online is part of an overall offer unique to Gudang Gudang, but yet, it is a unique part of their own offering as they grow so quickly becoming top teachers in this new normal.

We shift our partnerships with our previous online club companies into more conversations to learn from one another and keeping out from cannibalization via price war. We keep our pricing affordable and realistic, we are here to learn and to adapt in service of what the clients and teachers need.

Finding the right spot of schedule, type of class, faculty composition and class contents is no science, but an art of observing, listening, and putting us both as a studio, as clients, as teachers and as business partners. Our styles of engaging in social media are kept balance in the scale of deep-light, serious-fun, content-context, but behind them are a coherent sense of purpose: offering yoga as a collective love to those whose path cross with ours.

It is almost the end of September 2020, Jakarta is in the second restricted lockdown (PSBB) and we have come to terms that we are here to stay vigilant, responsible, openminded and grateful to offer what is possible within that scope. It is not an alone journey, it is a journey of growth, compassion and learning with others