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Discover Gudang Gudang Yoga online daily yoga, pound, pilates and workout classes both in livestream and on-demand video on youtube. Our studio located in Kemang, Jakarta, Indonesia is dear to many yoga practitioners mostly known for our beautiful space with lush garden and well diverse program. During the lock down, we slowly introduce our livestream classes scheduled to match your daily activities and designed to meet your need for getting fit and healthy in the body, the mind and the heart. Our yoga public classes are titled Intro to Yoga (for newbies), Basic Hatha and Basic Flow (for beginners), Road-to-Pose, Hatha, Led Ashtanga, Vinyasa and Yogampang (for all levels), Restful & Mindful special offers (Meditation, Nidra and pranayama), Special for Women Only Feel Good Yoga and Quick 45 minute Flow at lunch time. We also offer private class for Beginners, Level 1, Level 2 and Corporate Class. Included in our livestream weekly offer is Pound Sore-sore, Pilates and other form of fashion workouts. We partners with other club such as Class Pass, Doogether and Strongbee.

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Practice Any Time

Get fit and healthy even when life is hectic as you choose to #workfromhome or minimize leaving home. Access our daily livestream program (yoga, pound, pilates, and workout) by your favorite teachers from morning, mid day, afternoon and evenings. If you are looking for a self-practice, find selected on-demand videos on your Youtube Channel. Enjoy classes, drills, tips and techniques for various duration for Free.

Meet You Where You are At

Powered by well-known senior Teachers, guest international teachers, our established and newly graduated teachers,  we offer diverse styles and emphasis of yoga, and more importantly level of practice. Our program consists of yoga, pound, pilates and other types of work-out designed to ensure that they appropriate for home environment. 

Teachers' Network

We see ourselves more than a studio, or a school, we see ourselves as a hub, a host and a home to teachers who come with their unique gifts and wherever they are in their yoga journey.  Several slots are available in our program for guest teachers and community classes

Affordable & Fair Price

Our livestream public classes, private class and corporate events are offered at affordable prices. Enjoy our exciting pricing plan and also promotion for new to Gudang Gudang practice. Stay tune for any seasonal discount for loyal customers like you.

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