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Located in the heart of vibrant Kemang area, Gudang Gudang Yoga studio is a hidden sanctuary for busy urban people to find yoga, movement and mindfulness. Its modern industrial architecture meets traditional Joglo surrounded by lush tropical garden at the back creating its unique Bali vibes.

Many have found magical experience at Gudang Gudang Yoga studio. Beyond its unique beautiful space, many have found its friendly, caring and welcoming attitude by the faculty, staff and leaders. Beyond that, programs are designed and curated carefully to serve everyone coming to its door step.


Blessed by our solid faculty and equipped with audio/visual/wifi system for virtual classes and hybrid events, in location cafe & eatery, waiting space to hang out/collaborate, showers/toilets and parking space, Gudang Gudang studio welcomes corporates, brands, community and teachers to check out our space for renting or collaborating.

Interested in renting our space for training or events or brand collaboration?


an Enchanting
View of Joglo

As you step into the Main studio, where most of our public yoga classes are held, you may feel surprised to find an enchanting view of the Joglo. 

With the large glass windows and door always opened, through out your time that you practice, this view is there for your inspiration.

If you are lucky, in the morning it is not surprising for you to hear birds chirping, just adding the magical experience at our space.


MON - FRI 06:30 - 21:00

 SAT - SUN 06:30 - 18:00

Our studio opens every day in the week, however our regular public classes is the least busy on Monday, and gets busier in the weekends.

Be sure to reserve your private sessions or spots at our special classes/ workshops/ training timely.

Each month, we allocate slots for our rooms or the whole studio for special requests for events or trainings.

Contact us early so we can serve your need

Interested in Renting for Shooting, Events or Brand Collaboration? Please Contact Us 


a Vibrant
Yoga Community

Established on April 2014, Gudang Gudang Yoga Studio has been home to many new to yoga practitioners, having their "first" bliss of yoga at one of our classes. 

Some even pursue a study to become yoga instructors, from it some became big names as yoga teachers, not only in Jakarta but many places in Indonesia. The growth continues as some have successful in having own yoga schools and/or studios.

We are happy to be part of growing Yoga community in Jakarta and are here to continue our path to offer a sanctuary for busy urban people in Jakarta and elsewhere.

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